BSO Deputies Honored for “Textbook” Burglary Arrest

Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale recently honored Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies whose rapid, coordinated response resulted in the apprehension of four suspects — at least one of whom was armed — inside a Lauderdale Lakes pawn shop.

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies honored

During the early morning incident, Sonitrol’s voice-activated sound monitoring device detected the suspects discussing weapons that were in inventory inside the pawn shop, while video monitoring revealed their positions inside the building.

Sonitrol’s monitoring staff alerted BSO, who immediately responded with SWAT, hostage negotiation, canine and aviation units, as well as Lauderdale Lakes deputies – all surrounding the crime scene within four minutes.

Two adults and two juveniles inside the pawn shop surrendered to the overwhelming force and were taken into custody without incident.

“The BSO teamwork and arrest were textbook,” said John Ray, III, president of Sonitrol Fort Lauderdale. “The deputies’ professionalism was clear, and we wanted to recognize in some way all of the great work that normally goes unheralded.”

Ray said the audio monitoring system allows central station operators to verify criminal activity and provide real time information, warning officers of danger at an active crime scene, and eliminating the need to use law enforcement time and resources verifying alarms.

“Providing our deputies with real time information at a crime scene is a tremendous benefit,” said Hugh Graf a Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. “In the end, all of our people go home to their families, and the bad guys are in jail. That’s a happy ending to a day’s work.”