Posted: September 7, 2010
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Live crime scene audio from a Sonitrol alarm system and a dramatic K-9 “lift” helped quick-thinking police catch thieves at Twin Oaks Liquors on Aug. 28 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

During the early morning hours, Sonitrol central station operators monitoring a live audio alarm system heard what sounded like metal against one of the doors at Twin Oaks Liquors.

Sonitrol immediately dispatched the police-based on the verified alarm evidence. Police arrived at the store to discover that the intruders had gained entry through an air duct. Still listening as the thieves moved through the building, the Sonitrol team told police the perpetrators had made their way to the roof. With the store surrounded, the two thieves refused to come down.

To ensure officer safety, timing was right to unleash the K-9 and complete the apprehension. But, how to get the K-9 on the roof? The officers called in the Fort Lauderdale Fire Department, whose ladder and bucket truck lifted the dog to the roof to get a corner on the burglars. The store owner’s valuables were recovered, and the thieves apprehended.

“This was a great example of technology, teamwork and K-9 power,” said John Ray, III, president of Sonitrol of Fort Lauderdale. “Once Sonitrol’s verified audio intrusion detection system told the Fort Lauderdale Police Department that a crime was underway, officers worked quickly and creatively to foil the crime.”